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Rent a Dent New Zealand
Affordable Car Rentals

Rent a Dent provides high quality, affordable rental cars around New Zealand. Rent a Dent has been offering rental vehicle services in New Zealand since 1987. The Rent a Dent franchise offers rental cars and rental trucks of all sizes for all requirements. From small hatchbacks, compact sedans, tourist sedans, station wagons, mini coaches, commercial vans and trucks, they have all your car hire needs covered. Choose Rent a Dent if you need to rent a vehicle for just one day, the weekend or longer. The rental vehicles can be used for driving around New Zealand, holidays, business and pleasure. Daily car hire prices start from as little as $39.00 per day. The Rent a Dent system can offer tailor-made car rental packages to suit your individual needs and car hire requirements. Prices of rental vehicles may vary by branch and season, but if you are looking to rent a car, truck or other quality vehicle, you’ll find that Rent a Dent offers the most affordable car hire options.

How do we do it?

The Rent a Dent car hire network operates by following high ethical and commercial standards, along with very high customer service standards. In order to gain a wide customer base and high customer satisfaction, the rental car service business strives to follow the stringent standards they set themselves and from its Head Office. There are strict standards that the owners of the rental car business must follow, to ensure that its vehicles are always suitable for car hire. Customer service, with the utmost courtesy, network efficiency and maximum value for customer’s money, are features this rental car franchise strives to achieve.

24 Branches offering you:

  • Great car rental rates
  • Great selection of vehicles
  • Great service
  • Insurance options
  • Airport pick up & delivery
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Long term car rentals
  • One way car hire
  • Free benefits card
  • Competitions each month

Select a location by using the quote form at the top of this page to get a competitive car hire quote or call us now to make a booking with the friendly Rent a Dent team.

One way hires

The success that Rent a Dent has accomplished in New Zealand, by becoming one of the largest car rental networks, has enabled Rent a Dent to offer very competitive one way car hire rates between its branches at a fraction of the cost of what some international rental car brands charge. Click here to book online now, or phone your Rent a Dent branch of choice today and find out how affordable we are.

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Rent a Dent helping promote safer driving around New Zealand


Here at Rent a Dent we are helping educate you before hitting our roads and heading off on your journey. We want to see you return back safe and sound and hear your stories about the fantastic time you have had while here in our country. Take the time to watch the video below as there are a few things you need to know before your New Zealand driving holiday begins. We also recommend that you check out the additional information we have at https://www.rentadent.co.nz/our-vehicles/drive-safe . It is also a recommendation of ours that you spend at least one night in the city you arrive into. This will ensure that you are well rested and ready for the journey ahead. Travel safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Planning a journey around New Zealand?

Here are a few things you’ll need to know before your New Zealand driving holiday begins.

For more information, please go directly to the Drive Safe website. Click on the link below.



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