Thank you so much for dealing with the matter with the police. I had no idea we were speeding as we did not see any police. They are good at hiding I guess… You settled the matter in the best way possible. Thank you


Hi Sally and Jim

Just to say we're glad we weren't put off by the name of the rental company.

We will certainly consider using you the next time we visit New Zealand, probably around July 2013.

G MacDonald

Uni of Waikato

Thank you again for the second time this year. You delivered to my wife a spotlessly clean and detailed vehicle, the service was prompt and the vehicle delivered with a smile and local service. I will certainly recommend your vehicles to our friends, regards


About Rent a Dent

Rent a Dent has been offering rental vehicle services since 1987. The initial branch of the Rent a Dent Franchise family was set up in Tauranga by Denis Hansen, with the first of the 24 strong rental car Franchises established in 1992.

During that period, the New Zealand rental vehicle market was highly regulated and was dominated by three major players that had held a very strong position in the market. The general public found renting a vehicle to be an expensive affair. The Rent a Dent Franchise system helped to change the scenario, by offering late model, pre-owned Japanese import vehicles.The Rent a Dent Franchise system ensured that a wide range of vehicles were available not only in the local market, but also to all users of rental vehicles around New Zealand. The network of the rental car service Franchise expanded very rapidly and is still today, one of the largest rental vehicle networks in New Zealand.

The Rent a Dent network is now run by Denis’s son Dean and celebrated it's 25th birthday in 2012. The old adage of satisfying your customers is, ‘under promise and over deliver’ and Rent a Dent certainly does that.

The Network operates by following high ethical and commercial standards, along with very high customer service standards. In order to gain a wide customer base and high customer satisfaction, the rental car service business strives to follow the stringent standards set by the Franchise Support Office. There are strict standards that the owners of the rental car business must follow, to ensure that it's vehicles are always suitable for renting. Customer service, with the utmost courtesy, network efficiency and maximum value for customer’s money, are features this rental car Franchise strives to achieve.

The success which Rent a Dent has been able to accomplish in New Zealand, by becoming one of the largest car rental networks, has allowed the Rent a Dent Franchise to open its outlets in Australia as well. In 2016 we will be looking to open up offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns.

The Rent a Dent Franchise offers cars of all sizes for all requirements, from small hatchbacks, compact sedans, tourist sedans, station wagons, mini coaches, commercial vans and trucks, they have you all covered, be it to rent the vehicle for one day, a weekend or longer duration. These vehicles can be used for skiing, holiday, business or pleasure.  Prices of the vehicles to be rented may vary by branch and seasonality.



The Rent a Dent Team