Thanks very much for the lovely service. I will recommend it to anyone going to New Zealand.


Hi Sally and Jim

Just to say we're glad we weren't put off by the name of the rental company.

We will certainly consider using you the next time we visit New Zealand, probably around July 2013.

G MacDonald

Uni of Waikato

This is the 3rdtime this year we have used your company at 3 different locations and I have to say we have been really impressed with the consistently high standard of staff and quality of rentals you provide. It was interesting to add that while we were waiting for our pick up Roger ambled over to the A*#* counter to see what a little run about would cost for the day, try $120!!

Betty and Roger

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Every time you hire a rental vehicle from Rent a Dent you will automatically receive one of our Rent a Dent Extreme Value Cards to use for the entire car hire period absolutely free! You have to admit this is one crazy offer from Rent a Dent. If you were to use the card actively each day, it is possible that you could manage to save yourself the entire car rental charge, by visiting participating outlets.

Here's an example of how it works.

Last week John Sutton had a rental vehicle from Rent a Dent for 3 days. This cost John $165.00, over the 3 days. John managed to save the total amount he paid for the hire car! Day one, John saved 25% on the Auckland Sky Walk and $40.00 on a group booking at one of Auckland's finest restaurants. John's second day, he did the Auckland Bridge Climb where he received another 25% discount. He then did the Auckland Bungy and again received a 25% discount. He later ate at an Irish pub that night, where he saved a further $25.00. John was amazed at the savings he was able to achieve, while hiring a rental car through Rent a Dent.

What you get with the Rent a Dent Extreme Value Card Program: 

  • 20% off the total bill (up to a maximum deduction of $25) when you dine at any of the participating establishments. Simply present your Rent a Dent Extreme Value Card when requesting the bill, to receive your deduction.


  • Up to 50% off the rack rate, or 10% off the best promotional rate at leading hotels, motels and resorts. Please refer to the Rules of Use for all hotel offers.


  • Print out vouchers online to enjoy great savings from leading national attractions, local activities, popular takeaway outlets and more. The perfect way to make the most of your family summer holiday!


  • Savings on magazine subscriptions, floral arrangements, gift baskets, travel insurance, dry cleaning and much more, just by being a member.


  • Don't forget to visit this website for regular updates and the latest participating outlets, so you and your family can enjoy the many rewards of the Rent a Dent Extreme Value Card!


Here are a few of our customer's favorite places:


Auckland Bridge Climb

Curran Street Extension
Westhaven, Auckland 1011
Phone:0800 GO CLIMB

Offer: 25% off any AUCKLAND BRIDGE CLIMB

Type: Activity

Print Voucher


Auckland Bungy Ltd

Curran Street Extension
Westhaven, Auckland 1011
Phone:0800 GO BUNGY


Type: Activity

Print Voucher



21A Waitomo Caves Road
Waitomo, Waitomo 3977
Phone:0800 228 338

Offer: 25% off any TOUR for up to FOUR PEOPLE

Type: Activity

Print Voucher


Lord of the Rings Edoras Tour

296 Prestons Road
Marshland, Christchurch 8051
Phone:0800 553 554

Offer: 25% off the regular price of any LORD OF THE RINGS EDORAS...

Type: Activity

Print Voucher


Luxmore Jet

5 Muriwai Drive
Manapouri, Manapouri 9643
Phone:03 249 6951

Offer: 25% off any JET BOAT RIDE for a MINIMUM OF FOUR...

Up to: $100.00 value
Type: Activity

Print Voucher

Mad Dog River Boarding

37 Shotover Street
Queenstown, Queenstown 9300
Phone:03 442 7797

Offer: 25% off the regular price of any RIVER BOARDING TRIP for...

Type: Activity

Print Voucher

 The Rent a Dent Extreme Value Card is valid for the duration of your hire period, simply show the card or print a voucher and present at any of the outlets listed on the following link: